An Influential And Rewarding Field

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The nursing profession has evolved tremendously over the years. Although we often work as a part of a health care team, as nurses, our role is so critical to the clients we serve that it cannot be replaced by any other team member. We are constantly striving to expand our capabilities, either through formal education or years of experience. We are fortunate enough to be part of an influential and rewarding field that enables us to impact the lives of a diverse community on a physical, mental, and emotion level. Nursing provides me with the ability to make a profound difference in the life of another human being, their family, and friends. Nurses must not only use the knowledge base we obtained through formal education, as we also must use our emotions and morals when caring for clients. Over the years of working in mental health, I have learned to excel under pressure due to the understanding that one minute may not be the same as the next. This has given me the tools needed to evaluate situations under stress and make final decisions based on acuity. Effective communication is another strong quality of mine. Not only is it important that I advocate for and communicate with clients through both verbal and non verbal communication, but it is also an essential part of working well within the multidisciplinary team. Being detail oriented and organized are also key components in my career. In my current leadership role, I provide exceptional hands on patient care as well as
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