An Influential Period Of Christian History

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One of the most influential periods of Christian History began in 1096, after Pope Urban II officially launched the First Crusade in an attempt to regain Jerusalem from its Muslim occupants. As with any other significant historical event, many people rallied in support of the war, while others demanded peace. Hadewijch of Brabant, a renowned thirteenth-century mystic and Beguine stood in opposition to the Crusades as a whole. Her status as a highly respected mystic, coupled with a unique voice and perspective, all gave Hadewijch a substantial platform on which to preach peace over war, love over violence, and forgiveness instead of revenge. Unlike her contemporary, Bernard of Clairvaux, Hadewijch used her opportunity to teach accurate Christian doctrine, as opposed to politically motivated foreign policy framed within a biblical context. Hadewijch of Brabant understood and utilized her exceptional voice during the height of the Crusades; by disagreeing with some of the most powerful men in Christendom, the Beguine successfully set herself apart and marked her place in history.
We will begin with Hadewijch’s primary influence, Bernard of Clairvaux. In his article entitled “The Experience of Reading: Bernard of Clairvaux Sermons on the Song of Songs, I”, Duncan Robertson considers the abbot of the Cistercian Clairvaux monastery to be one of the most influential Holy men of the twelfth century, describing him as wielding “political influence in sacred and secular affairs…and…
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