An Influx Of New Immigrants

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In the nineteenth century, an influx of new immigrants came to America. A majority of these new immigrants came from southern and eastern Europe, as opposed to the northwestern Europeans who came in abundance before them. Between 1820 and 1920, less immigrants with northwestern European origins were coming to America and an increase of immigrants from southeastern Europe, countries in North America, Asia, and Latin America. The new immigrants from Ireland and Scandinavia were different from the previous groups of immigrants. They were not Protestant, and they had different migration patterns. The new group of immigrants had a completely new experience in coming to America than previous groups. A new cultural identity was created and with a new demographic of citizens, the United States would move into a new era of growth. The motivation behind a majority of Irish immigrants in the 1840s and 1850s was famine in Ireland. In total, more than two million Irish people left Ireland due to the dangerous conditions. This famine would continue to haunt Irish immigrants and change their ways for years to come. The attitudes and actions of the new immigrants changed not only because they were in a new country, but because they had to deal with the often times harsh treatment because of their immigrant status. Irish immigrants in the nineteenth century tended to settle in areas that already housed a large number of people of Irish origin. Daniels states that their settlement in
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