An Information System

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Introduction Existence of an information system (IS) department in an organization got recognition as an important asset since two decades back. The main objective of having an IS department in an organization is to process the raw data available as input from organizations’ resources and transform it into meaningful information as output. Good quality information can be used effectively in managing organizations’ operations. However, an organization can enhance the effectiveness of the IS department by adding more data to make the information more accurate to improve its service quality. The information can also be used in innovative ways to open new horizons of success for the organization. Also, it is very important for an IS department to have proper management. The reason can be justified as handling huge amount of information and using it effectively while maintaining a certain level of quality could be possible without having a proper management. Statement of purpose As a minor effort to both technical and managerial aspects of maintaining quality of services and products within an organization, IS deficiencies can be exploited by the employees, and can result into a huge loss and project failure to organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to see them from IS software developer and IS project manager perspective. Perspective of an IS developer: There are many deficiencies that are identified in an IS development process. According to Lyytinen (1987), one of

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