An Informative Essay on Gun Control

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Informative Essay on Gun Control

The right to possess guns is a fundamental element to American identity. The right to own and operate guns under certain circumstances is in fact guaranteed as part of the United States Constitution. Over the course of American history and particularly in the 21st century, there exists a great debate over the possession of guns of private citizens. Both sides of the debate argue with fervor. There are those that argue fervently for the right to possess arms; they argue for guns with regard to home protection, property protection, personal security, and that it is a fundamental right as a citizen.
On the other side, there are those that reference the persistence of accidental injuries and fatalities that are gun related. People on this side of the debate argue for the banishment of guns, for stricter gun control laws, and for restrictions on certain kinds of high caliber guns and ammunition. They argue for the safety of the general population and for the lack of responsibility of those in possession of guns. They additionally reference the excessive amount of gun violence in media such as music, films, animation, and video games trying providing moderate to exceptional evidence that access to excessive violent imagery in conjunction with what they view as slack gun control policies is an equation for tragedies that society is unprepared to handle and should not have to. Each side of the gun control debate has…

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