An Innovative And Vibrant Music Format

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Background information The envisaged Brainybits is an innovative and vibrant music format application that will give clients and users a new way and approach to listening to their most loved music and tunes. We plan to set up our studios around Oregon State University, which has a large number of students and young population that is attracted to music and is identified to redefine the way music is heard by its fans. It should be realized that with the utilization of our application, customers will have the capacity to synchronize, and also select different tunes and music to listen to as well as engaging in diverse utilities inside the same application. Indeed, the application will have best features accompanying its compatibility…show more content…
We hope to attract new business partners and together we will work out the best pricing strategy. The fact that we will be allowing them to sell our licensed product, an appropriate pricing arrangement will be decided upon unanimously with us ensuring clients have easy access to our product (Richards, 2016). Market Needs The desire for our firm to create a new music application and format is to meet the customer demands and meet the following;  Fulfilling and meeting current music patterns as per client preferences and interests.  Presence of viable suitable markets for our services and products  Minimum to no opposition yet taking into account the way that our products are new in the business sector  Increases future customer choices SWOT Analysis Strengths It is indispensable to know our qualities all together as it might determine our next move in ensuring our success in penetrating the market. For our firm to succeed, we have to know our abilities 1. High returns on investment 2. Better reputation in the music business. 3. Wide research on improving the products through consistent updates and various higher version applications. 4. Availability of our genuine items and services through the web by downloads. 5. Massive promotion methodologies to make customers aware of the services and products. Weaknesses It is imperative to know our shortcomings to
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