An Innovative High Performance Work Environment Essay

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1. Introduction

Lincoln University is a 137 year old, land-based learning institution that has become

financially unviable, running in deficit over the last decade. A newly appointed executive

leadership team created a five-year strategic plan for the institution resulting in a significant

downsize process and the need to upskill remaining employees. This aims to achieve the

specific objective of creating an innovative, high-performance work environment (Lincoln

University (LU) n.d.). Although a portion of workers complete tasks proficiently, overall

there is a lack of understanding as to why certain tasks are performed and how these tasks

strategically drive the university’s objectives. Employees rarely partake in teamwork, instead

operating individually at task-level and often in an antiquated manner. The disruption from

recent downsize activity has negatively impacted on the once close-knit employee base,

many of whom had worked at the institution for a prolonged period of time. These factors

have negatively shaped attitudes and engagement, adversely affecting the institution’s

workplace culture. The current employee attitudes and level of engagement, coupled with a

lack of employer commitment in the form of training and development is arguably the basis

for Lincoln University operating well below the performance expectations outlined in its

2014- 2018 Strategic Plan (LU n.d.). An analysis of these factors will reveal how the current…
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