An Innovative Success Of The Integrad Training Essay

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The Integrad training was an innovative success, especially among millennial drivers. Everyone, leaders and drivers, were highly satisfied. The UPS did not lower its expectations for its younger drivers, instead leaders found it important to start speaking their language, and training them in ways that were relevant to them.
Culture is the training or refining of one’s mind from social environments in which one grew up. In order to adapt to local cultures and market needs, companies must shift to decentralized, collaborative decision-making. That requires developing many leaders capable of working anywhere. Therefore, rather than concentrating on the on the top 50 leaders, global organizations need to develop hundreds, even thousands, of leaders comfortable operating in a variety of cultures. Developing global leaders with cultural sensitivities and collaborative skills requires greater focus on emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and empowerment than on traditional management skills. With flatter organizations and decentralization of power, corporations must develop savvy global leaders capable of operating locally and globally simultaneously. As companies continue to develop and expand into new and emerging global markets, the expectations of business leaders are to drive productivity and innovation higher than ever in new and foreign environments. To be an effective global organization, leaders must create diversity among its senior ranks.
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