An Insecure Man By George Orwell

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An insecure man is afraid to date American women, so when he meets a woman he truly cares for his friends help him overcome his fears. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: As a young boy, his mother told GEORGE that no woman would ever love him. His stepfather told George to stay away from American girls. Years later, George works in customer service, but his real passion is screenwriting. George is afraid to date American women. George’s girlfriend, ISIS (20’s), is controlling and demanding. George’s friends and roommates don’t believe Isis is a good fit for George. George works at the same office of ALLYSON (20’s), whose sexual partner IVAN doesn’t want to have a real relationship. George is attracted to Allyson, but doesn’t ask her out. George meets his new neighbor MARIA (30’s) and gets her phone number. George’s friends decide to help George date American Women. They set him up with Allyson. Allyson believes George is perfect for her plan to find a man basically with no “cock”. She plans to mold him. George’s friends train and mentor George. They tell him not be himself. George and Allyson go on a date. She has connections for his writing. They both also realize they have parent issues. An angry Isis interrupts their date. To please Isis, George insults Allyson by saying he doesn’t trust her or care about her. Allyson leaves. George and Isis finally break up. His friends put him in training to meet other women. Allyson puts her profile on a dating website. Both meet people
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