An Inside Look at Sushi

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People have recently become aware of the importance of the food we consume, as opposed to long ago when our species ate anything as long as it let us survive. Now, not only do we want the food we eat to look good and taste good but also be healthy. Sushi, a Japanese food, is now an international cuisine—cherished all over the world. It is regarded as one of the most creative and expensive dishes. In some restaurants, the customers are able to look at the master chef while he or she is making their sushi plate. The plates, usually wooden, are decorated beautifully with some kind of refined engraving of trees or flowers on them. Wasabi, shredded ginger, and soy sauce are the three side ingredients of sushi. Customarily, people place the shredded ginger on top of the sushi bite and dip it into the soy sauce mixed with wasabi. Most westerners aren’t accustomed to eating raw fish or rice yet sushi has had a tremendous success in the region. It has magically spelled westerners with its exotic taste, alluring look, and ceaseless history.
Many don’t know the difference between sushi and sashimi; sashimi is simply raw fish while sushi always contains rice mixed with vinegar. With the rice base known as shari, sushi can contain both red and white raw fish, shrimp, crabs, squid, and all kinds of shell fish. However, sushi doesn’t always have seafood in it; some kinds simply consist of rice and vegetables. At first, the Japanese ate sushi as a way of preserving seafood; rice wasn’t
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