An Inspector Calls: A Short Story

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Husband gets home drunk, aggravated, and incoherent. First things first he gets another beer from the fridge and starts harassing his wife; she doesn't want to play this game anymore, she has finally had enough. Wife runs to the bathroom and grabs her phone from her pocket and dials 911. The operator answers, “911 operator, what’s your emergency?”. Then the wife replies, “My husband came home drunk and he is trying to hurt me please hurry”. “Where are you now?”, asks the operator. “I’m locked in the bathroom, please hurry.” the wife says in a afraid manner. “Stay there, an officer is on his way." says the operator. Mean while the drunken husband breaks down the door and grabs his wife by her hair and throws her on the bed and grabs his gun. Officer arrives and knocks “ Tucson Police department open the door”, no answer. He peeks through the window and sees the…show more content…
What about the husband? Do you just let him lie there and bleed out? No, he might have done something wrong but he is still human and needs medical care. For all we know he could have a sunken chest wound or maybe even a pneumothorax. He is given medical attention, just the basic first aid, and then gets taken to the hospital. There he needs immediate surgery. I find this interesting because two worlds that I know and understand come into play here, my dream is to become a surgeon. But, I know and love the tactical side because I am a police explorer.

My intentions were never to become a Police Officer; this program was a blessing that was given to me early on in my life. Police Explorers is a career-oriented program that gives teens like me the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement. There’s more to exploring than just the gun on your hip, it teaches integrity, responsibly and the drive to be better and never give up. But most importantly it teaches leadership. With these traits in hand, I was able to put them towards my passion to be a surgeon and to commit to
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