An Inspector Calls Essay

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An Inspector calls

The inspector has many functions in 'an inspector calls', the inspector is the centre point of the play, and the main events of the play rotate around him. He controls the entrances and exits of the play. He also has a grip on the topic of conversation, and is not afraid to anything and has the confidence to interrupt to re-tighten his grip on the conversation. The inspector also develops the topic of conversation from person to person in a methodical fashion.

The inspector controls the development of events, who will speak and when they will speak, who will leave and who won't leave, who sees the picture of Eva smith and who won't. Even when Priestley describes him, when he first appears on stage, he is
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The inspector's role is to show that this is not the way of life, and that capitalist views are wrong. Throughout the play the inspector is trying to persuade the characters to change there capitalist views secretly, and he demonstrates how people are responsible for each other and not just themselves, these views are summed up in his dramatic closing speech, 'we are members of one body, we are responsible for each other'. Responsibility is one of the main themes of this play, and the inspector acting as a mouthpiece for
Priestley's socialist views, he is speaking as much to the character on stage as the audience. His closing speech is written as a warning to the 1945 audience not to repeat the selfish mistakes that consequently ended up as 'fire and blood and anguish' which is symbolizing the first and second world wars.

The inspector is a moral arbiter, if he wasn't there none of the characters would of confessed to there mistakes, and selfish acts.
Mr.birling did not acknowledge that dismissing Eva smith out of a primary job, just because she wanted a little increase in wages, which would have been an average wage and nothing to big. He also fired her to set an example to the rest of his workers; she was used as an escape goat. Sheila thought her spitefulness was nothing out of the ordinary and most definitely not 'anything very terrible at the time'.
Gerald needed to admit what he had done to Eva smith, he was trying to
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