An Inspector Calls - directors notes. Essay

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An Inspector Calls - directors notes. Introduction: Arthur Birling, a prosperous manufacturer, is holding a family dinner party to celebrate his daughter's engagement. Into this cozy scene intrudes the harsh figure of a police inspector. Text: ===== INSPECTOR Mr. Birling? BIRLING Yes. Sit down, Inspector. INSPECTOR (sitting) Thank you, sir. BIRLING Have a glass of port - or a little whisky? INSPECTOR No, thank you, Mr. Birling. I'm on duty. BIRLING You're new, aren't you? INSPECTOR Yes, sir. Only recently transferred. BIRLING I thought you must be. I was an alderman for years - and lord Mayor two years ago - and I'm still on the Bench - so I know the Brumley police officers pretty well - and I thought…show more content…
But it doesn't convey anything to me. And I don't see where I come into this. INSPECTOR She was employed in your works at one time. BIRLING Oh - that's it, is it? Well, we've several hundred young women there, y'know, and they keep changing. INSPECTOR This young women, Eva Smith, was a bit out of the ordinary. I found a photograph of her in her lodgings. Perhaps you'd remember her from that. INSPECTOR takes a photograph, about postcard size, out of his pocket and goes to BIRLING. Both GERALD and ERIC rise to have a look at the photograph, but the INSPECTOR interposes himself between them and the photograph. They are surprised and rather annoyed. BIRLING stares hard, and with recognition, at the photograph, which the INSPECTOR then replaces in his pocket. The INSPECTOR is watching BIRLING and now BIRLINGnotices him. BIRLING ASIDE:What is this man up to, so he shows me some picture of a girl that worked for me ages ago, what's the point in that? He's getting at something here, probably trying to accuse me, (laughing) huh! (Thinks about it then give a lower huh in realization he may be right). But how is it possible to drive someone to suicide when you hardly said three words to them? Better be careful, with Eric being the bane of my existence I don't stand much chance. Ill give him a load of superfluous details and it'll be ok, it's a need to know basis and he needs not
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