An Inspiration to Young Writers: Ernest Hemingway Essay

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Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21st in 1899. Named after his grandfather, Hemingway was the second of six siblings in his family. He was born and raised in a town called Oak Park, which was known for being an upper/middle-class suburb only ten miles from Chicago. Hemingway would later refer to his place of birth as a “neighborhood of wide lawns and narrow minds.” This was likely due to the fact that Oak Park was mainly a conservative town that tried to separate from the liberal views of the big city. Hemingway was raised with very strict, conservative values, which taught him that the most important things in life were religion, hard work, physical fitness and self-determination. Hemingway’s father, Clarence Edmonds Hemingway,…show more content…
Although he grew up in a very strict religious childhood, Hemingway decided to stay away from things like politics and religions (Lost Generation). He believed you had to keep away from these focuses as a writer. Hemingway was considered Catholic because he had to convert to marry his second wife Pauline. However, when he died he didn’t qualify for a traditional catholic burial because of the three divorces that he previously had. With the fact that he divorced his wife multiple times, many critics are lead to believe that he was not religious at all (Conversations with E.H.).

Ernest Hemingway is a household name; even if you haven’t read a single piece of literature he’s written, odd are you know who he is. Many ordinary people that read his work praise him for the masterpieces that he created, these folks can’t get enough of Ernest Hemingway. In fact there are critics all over the world that see Hemingway as one of the greatest writers of all time. Lionel Trilling, a professor and critic at Columbia, speaks for himself and many other critiquing-writers, such as Jack Frost and Archibald MacLeish, when he says, “His place in American literature is secure and pre-eminent. There is no one in the whole range of literature of the modern world who has a better claim than he to be acknowledged as a master, but it is in his short stories rather than in his novels that his genius most
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