An Installation Of A Structural Health Monitoring System

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Early detection of such failures will definitely save many lives and decrease the number of injuries. This can improve the public safety and provide more reliable economical feature. Eventually, the increased awareness of the economic and social effects of such degradation especially under extreme events intensifies the need for advanced SHM, damage detection, and damage localization tools. Consequently, SHM systems are basically used to monitor the structures’ behavior during the events of vibrations or natural excitation (earthquakes, winds and live loading). Moreover, in 2002 some building design codes mandate that structures should have an installation of a structural health monitoring system especially those located in high…show more content…
The following paragraphs discuss a review on SHM basically monitoring bridge performance. The first example is the monitoring of the Tsing Ma Bridge and Kap Shui Mun Bridge in Hong Kong [10]. A large amount of sensors include temperature sensors, strain gauges, displacement, anemometer, and accelerometers were installed on the bridge. These sensors were installed to monitor the bridge dynamic response in terms of displacement, acceleration, wind, and temperature. Approximately 320 channels of sensors were used in Tsing Ma Bridge [11].These sensors produced about 65 M Bytes of data every hour in an attempt toward in-depth monitoring. This SHM system was able to monitor the structural health of the bridge and provide reliable information for civil engineers to plan accordingly for inspection visits.

Another example of SHM is the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. That long term SHM system included 84 accelerometers channels [12]. This system was installed to evaluate the dynamic response of the bridge under seismic activities.
One of the eminent examples of infrastructure SHM is that of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. The SHM system deployed 28 accelerometers where 12 of them were located on the main span, 6 on the side span and 10 on the pier-lower
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