An Institution For Educating Children

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School-(n.) an institution for educating children. School is a place of learning where the goal is to maximize each student’s potential. However, in today 's society many factors can block students from achieving this goal. The first of which is the lack of well rested and energized students with the motivation to grow. Sleep becomes harder to achieve as one ages, since school and work are the causes of sleep deprivation. Therefore, teens all over the U.S. are demanding a more appropriate start time given their developmental needs. Over 66% of teens have sleep problems mostly due to school and stress. A later start time means more time to get ready and organized. Also, many studies have proven that with as little as 25 more minutes of sleep improves students ' behavior. Overall, schools must start later in order to utilize students ' true abilities and to benefit the entire community. This question has been debated for many years now; it is finally time to take action and change school start times! First of all, physiological evidence shows a hormone, called Melatonin, doesn 't allow teens ' bodies to fall asleep until 11 p.m. ( This means that it is physically impossible for adolescents to get the required 81/2 to 91/2 hours of sleep and wake up in time for school. Many teens all over the world are either sleep deprived or sleep restricted, which can lead to numerous consequences later on in life, such as higher risk of chronic health
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