An Instrument For The Discovery Of Truth

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On the contrary, Southern claims individualism stemmed from the development of knowledge and logic in the Middle Ages. He discusses how well-rounded knowledge directed a change in the structure of society. Knowledge is something present in all societies, but it is important to note that religious communities encouraged knowledge in expressing individualism, which was not present in the Catholic Church previously. The development of individualism in the secular society is crucial, because it meant the people and the Church could come together through a common appreciation of individualism. Furthermore, Southern argues that logic was “an instrument for the discovery of truth” and a form of universal order. Of course, logic had already …show more content…

He proclaims that Shakespeare is the exception and then, he faults the Spaniards and the Church for not being able to produce an Italian Shakespeare. Burckhardt continues to praise the Renaissance man, but he still does not answer the question as to why Italy is not in the forefront of modernity. The Italians may have been active during the Renaissance, but then their influence quickly died out. If the influence of the Italian Renaissance perished that rapidly, then the Italian Renaissance cannot be considered the beginning of the modern world.
On the other hand, the Middle Ages brings about an individual who was an influence to the Church in the centuries to come. Gerbert was the model for over a century in respect to teaching logic and he was crucial in the art of rhetoric. The art of rhetoric was a key development in the Middle Ages, because it gave the government a particular voice. The government writes the law, which is rational and not based on emotion, and the law is what gives people freedom. When people have a greater amount of freedom, they are able to express individuality. Even though the serfs and freemen were restricted by the law in similar in levels, the freemen were affected in a rational way. The freemen were not bound to serving a person, while the serfs and so, the freemen were allowed to make distinctive choices. Gerbert’s influence in different realms of life proves that

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