An Insurance Plan

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OPTION #2 – AN INSURANCE PLAN 5 not have any carve-outs for services such as behavioral health which would be of great benefit if those services were required in the future. Unfortunately, Atlantic Health Insurance also has some very undesirable characteristics. The main negative feature is that all services I have preformed would be done in a location and by individuals whom I may know casually or in some cases quite well. Furthermore, there is no possibility of avoiding this aspect. While I would not have to be concerned about my personal information being shared due to HIPPA, a large part of my privacy would be lost when having medical procedures preformed. Another negative aspect is the loss of specialists who I currently…show more content…
This feature will be beneficial in reducing the cost of services since ancillary facilities are generally cost less than having the same procedure performed in a hospital setting (Kongstvedt, 20143). If the service costs less than my portion will also be less as than if the procedure was done in a more expensive hospital operating room. Of concern regarding the United Healthcare EPO is that seeking medical services, even in an emergency situation, from a healthcare provider outside the network can result in my being personally OPTION #2 – AN INSURANCE PLAN 6 responsible for the expense. In the case of emergency treatment, which of its very nature is urgent, the idea of using valuable time to travel to an network provider is unsettling. It may be “pound wise and penny foolish” to lose potentially life-saving time to travel to a network provider to have an emergency service covered. Aetna Insurance’s NJ Aetna Bronze 1000 Savings Plan EPO Aetna is the healthcare policy which takes the “middle road” of the other two policies being considered. Like United Health, it is an EPO yet it comes at a significantly lesser cost. Aetna also offers a feature referred to as an “Embedded Deductible.” This is a great aspect to the policy as a plan with my husband and I as members can meet the deductible for an individual and start obtaining covered benefits sooner (Aetna, 2016). Aetna also
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