An Integrated Energy Company : Entergy Corp

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(ETR) Entergy Corp. is an Integrated energy company which focuses on electric power production and distributions to south eastern and south central areas of the United States. Entergy currently sells at $67.68 and a has a market capitalization of $11.87 billion. Founded in 1913, as a small regional company in New Orleans, Louisiana Entergy Corp. has grown to be one of the largest power distribution and production plants in the US. They currently deliver electricity to over two point eight million utility customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas with annual revenues pressing upwards of twelve billion while employing roughly thirteen thousand employees. Now with the incorporation of nuclear power Entergy has grown to one of nations leading nuclear power creators and distributors with six nuclear plants. Not only does Entergy compete on a national scale with nuclear power they also compete with the production and distribution of gas, wind, and coal. Entergy is diversifying and limiting its risk level by investing in multiple form of energy. With he belief that a shift to renewable clean energy is coming in the next twenty years they have also begun to invest into research and creation of alternative forms of clean energy. Because they are preparing for the future they are shutting down a nuclear plant in the year 2019, so they have seen some decline in the stock price since the introduction of this news. Entergy also has ties into 5 other nuclear plants so the

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