An Integrated System of the Multiple Use or Reuse of Water

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There is a growing interest in integrated systems within agricultural and aquaculture communities, because these systems optimize resource use and have positive environmental and socioeconomic impacts.
IAA systems are apparently an excel- lent way of saving water, disposing of aquaculture effluents and providing additional fertilizer to crops (Chaves et al., 1999; Castro et al., 2006). Usually the classification of integrated systems involving agriculture and aquaculture is done according to the combination of farming and aquaculture enterprise being used (Pullin1998), for example, it separates the following types of systems
• fish-rice,
• poultry-fish,
• multi-component systems with three or more entities, [2] IAA systems occur when an output from one subsystem in an integrated farming system, which otherwise might have been wasted, becomes an input into another subsystem resulting in a greater efficiency of output of desired products from the land/water and are controlled by a farmer. [3] In other words the essential advantage of this system is that wastes become valuable inputs in the production of other products. So there is no waste. The wastewater of the aquaculture unit, nutrient rich effluent, allows excellent synergy between the two systems when in balance with plant fertilization needs. On one hand the nutrient enriched water of fishponds serve as fertilizers in crop…
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