An Integrative Approach Using Cbt And Reality Therapy

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The participant is a 49 year old African American male who began using substances at the age of 13. He was diagnosed with severe alcohol, cocaine, and opioid use. The participant has been incarcerated over the past 32 years. He was recently paroled after completing eight years of a sixteen year sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections for burglary and theft. The participant is on medications to treat HIV/AIDS and has been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. He was referred to Healthcare Alternative Systems residential program through TASC as a condition of his probation. Based on the participant’s background and history, I determined that an integrative approach using CBT and Reality Therapy was appropriate. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Reality Therapy are both effective in treating addictions. My participant struggles with negative thinking and irrational thoughts, poor decision making and problem solving which are common for a person struggling with substance use disorders. Therefore, integrating these two treatment modalities will assist the participant in restructuring his thoughts and finding effective ways to bring about changes in his life by taking responsibility for his own actions.
According to the American Addiction Center (2016), Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an effective researched- based treatment modality used to treat substance abuse, eating disorders m and specific metal health diagnosis. CBT is a time- sensitive, structured, present
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