An Intentional Tort Action Against A Grape Producer

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This is an intentional tort action against a grape producer involving a breach contract between my health food products business and a grape producer and distributor. In the words of the Honorable Allen M. Linden “Tort laws have a noble mission and opportunity to help people in trouble. The injured and the bereaved desperately require tort lawyers to help them retake whatever is left of their lives that can be retaken with money” (Linden, 2005). I seek restitution for compensatory damages for loss of revenue, pain and suffering due to the broken contract. As well as, to make my company whole again and place it back in the financial position it was before the breach occurred. This intentional tort has caused harm to the economic interests of my company (Kubasek, Brennan, & Browne, 2015). The family produce company started selling my health foods products business Muscadine grapes and sales grew at a rapid rate. I have become dependent on the distributor to deliver the product and the price and rate that he has in the past. However, upon being faced with an opportunity to do business with more profitable customer, he decides that he no longer can provide produce with my company, leaving me out to find another distributor, potentially more expensive.
Good Faith and Fair Dealing
As the owner of a fast growing health food products business, I have developed a resilient relationship with one of my distributors, a produce company which provides Muscadine grapes to my company. The…
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