An Interdisciplinary Approach Towards Effective Management

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An Interdisciplinary Approach towards Effective Management Effective management leads teams towards results. Varying disciplinary approaches suggest strategies that reinforce best practices towards effective leadership. Looking at research completed in three disciplinary areas, provides data towards varying management styles and approaches that allow institutions to reach their mission. By implementing an individual disciplinary approaches towards management, limitations arise that produce disadvantageous effects towards an institution’s success. Incorporating an interdisciplinary approach towards effective management, provides a more holistic understanding and avoids the limitations based on a single approach. This analysis incorporates findings towards effective management styles from three disciplines: a psychological approach that looks towards the individual, the sociological research on the relationships affecting the effectiveness of team management and commitment levels, and the components of effective management in museums. Additionally, discussion of an interdisciplinary approach follows, that addresses the imitations inherent with an individual approach. The psychological approach to effective management, focuses on the individual perspective. Research on the effects of a new leader titled “Taking the Reins: The Effects of New Leader Status and Leadership Styles on Team Performance,” describes their effectiveness based on the perception of power and…
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