An Interest in African Studies and International Relations

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My primary interest is in the study of Africa, both past and present - ancient history, traditions, cultures, colonialism, and nation building. I would like to study and conduct research on various issues that impact the African continent including ethnic and religious conflicts, health and environmental challenges. I am also interested in historical and evolving roles of women in Africa.
In the summer of 2008, I travelled to Orogun, a village in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, where my father spent his childhood. I had read and heard stories about the oil rich villages in the Niger Delta and the plight of the villagers from environmental hazards resulting from toxic oil and gas flares, air and water pollutions leading to birth defects, lung diseases, and destruction of the ecology. I was shocked to find a village with such rich natural resources with no infrastructures, good medical facilities, or schools. I returned to Orogun in the winter of 2010 to participate in a food drive organized by the Omo-Agege foundation. We distributed over 500 bags of rice to the villagers. I also helped organize a Christmas party for the Orogun children where I introduced games like musical chairs and awarded prizes for dance competitions. I am deeply concerned about the immediate and long term health risks facing the people of the Niger Delta in Nigeria due to the environmental hazards in the region, and hope to delve into available remedies and compensations.
In the summer of 2012, I
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