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An interesting writing I came upon called RELIGION IN THE LAW: THE
DISAGGREGATION APPROACH by CÉCILE LABORDE asks if religion should be removed from law. And takes two approaches to test her theory of religion coexisting or not coexisting with law. One approach argues that freedom of religion can be defined as ‘’freedom of conscience’’, the second ‘’proxy approach’’ claims that the belief of religion in the law should stand, however only to a certain extent, covering certain goodness. However, she states that neither has given her a comprehensive prerequisite of religious freedom, hence religion in law.
Therefore she has taken an approach called ‘’disaggregation approach and decided to defend against the two aforementioned approaches. First Cecile Laborde states that according to some critical scholars freedom of religion creates liberal law, ‘’freedom of conscience’’, she says that orthodox, customary religious practices are coping negatively under ‘’liberal law of religious freedom’’(labored pg.504). She states that liberal law doesn’t protect what is holy. It fails to protect what is normal practice and that it is inclined to protect ‘’obligation- based beliefs and practices’’ only (pg.585). The substitution method in addition according to John Rawls states that ‘’convictions of conscience give a moral orientation to people’s life, they are the fundamental beliefs and commitments that make it possible for persons to have a moral identity’’(pg.588) In

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