An Intern For A Company

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This summer I worked as an intern for a company called Saint Laurent Wealth Management in Houston, Texas. This company provides a wide variety of financial services that focus on providing strategic investment and financial advice specialized to each client’s needs or desires. They work with a range of different clients such as individuals, families, business owners, physicians, and institutions. For each new client, the company will provide a complimentary present position analysis to determine where they are financially and how they may improve. From there, they will consult the client by providing financial guidance in all areas of life and work to develop a financial plan. As I observed the company during my time there, I noticed that…show more content…
My boss wanted me to gain knowledge and experience in three primary areas during my internship: marketing and client acquisition, research, and practice management. So the majority of duties and activities I completed throughout this internship were market research, mutual fund research, running mutual fund screens, building a company website and a social media platform, working with compliance procedures, and many other small day to day tasks. As I now look back on my time there, I realized that I had successfully completed many projects in all three of the areas my boss wanted me to gain experience in. I had also set several goals for myself at the beginning of the summer that I wished to accomplish during my time at this firm. I wanted to grow in my understanding of the financial markets, learn more about financial advising, expand my professional network, grow in my marketing skills, and bring in some new clients to the business. I am happy to say that I believe I grew significantly in each of these areas and accomplished all of my goals. One of the major projects I was responsible for this summer that helped me achieve my goals was to run the company’s mutual fund screens. The progression of running these screens and researching the most appealing funds was a fascinating process that taught me
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