An Internal Central Intelligence Agency

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After the September 11th terrorist attacks on U.S soil many gaps were identified in our domestic and international intelligence programs. An internal Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) investigation revealed that CIA Task Forces failed to share information with the FBI about two suspected terrorists, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, as they entered the United States (9/11 Commission Report). The U.S Intelligence Community is made up of 15 different agencies, offices, and organizations within the Executive branch. There are 8 components in the Department of Defense, two in the department of Homeland Security, and one in each of the separate State, Energy, Treasury, and Justice departments, and one independent agency, the CIA (COICUS, 2005 APP C). Prior to 9/11 each of these agencies and components are competing for relevance and funding. They had different goals and agendas, and every agent within may have had a different agenda. The Intelligence community had to take a hard look at itself, own up to its failures and set egos aside and focus on the mission of securing the citizens of the United States. This paper will identify the different federal agencies and their state and local counterparts. This paper will go on to discuss the capabilities of the U.S Intelligence community, the separate roles of agencies and departments and the lines of communication and information sharing. This paper will also discuss the limitations of the Intelligence community in support
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