An Internal Control Office Team Member

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Work Experience:
As an Internal Control Office team member, I support the Internal Control Office (ICO) audit liaison role for all communication between the Agency Office Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), the JSC OCFO, JSC Procurement Office, and various JSC organizations. The audit liaison role requires understanding the flow and dependencies between finance, procurement, and human resources in satisfying multi-departmental audit requests. As an Internal Control Office team member, I am responsible for understanding and communicating customers’ needs during audits, which are both crucial and time sensitive. Communication is an essential factor that is practiced on a routine basis, I support JSC various financial and internal control audits
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For example, human resources had to implement CAP for “Separation of Employees” process and I completed the review of the CAP implementation.
To ensure effective communication among all parties for these audits, I have demonstrated a clear and concise line of communication. For instance, I take initiatives to have face-to-face and communicate with Center stakeholders to ensure all parties have good understanding of the requests and are all working towards to ensure audit success. The HQ Quality Assurance Division’s (QAD) objective is to maintain a clean audit opinion and effective Agency internal controls.
As a team member of the ICO and the agency’s QAD team, I contribute and reinforce HQ-QAD 's objective by supporting our Financial Management Division (FMD) and other JSC directorates throughout the various audits by working with stakeholders and communicating auditor actions, renegotiating due dates, ensuring timely responses, and performing quality control checks on supporting documentation provided by JSC. For instance, I led the JSC OCFO’s audit liaison role for fiscal year (FY) 2015 annual audit related to the OMB Circular A123 Appendix-A Internal Control over Financial Reporting audit. The highly visible liaison role provided me the opportunity to lead by communicating auditors’ and HQs’ audit requests to stakeholders (FMD, Procurement, and COD) effectively and integrating the Center’s response in a concise manner. I ensured a timely
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