An International Financial Services Group

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About Prudential Prudential PLC is an international financial services group with significant operations in Asia, the US and the UK. They serve around 24 million insurance customers and have £496 billion of assets under management. Prudential was founded in London in 1848 on the principles of integrity, security and prudence, and they still adhere to those principles today. The Prudential Group is divided into four business units, each of which has a clearly defined set of objectives within its overall strategy: 1. Prudential Corporation Asia is a leading provider of health and protection insurance products to the emerging middle-class families of the region 's powerhouse economies. Eastspring Investments Prudential 's Asian asset management business, manages investments across a broad range of asset classes in 13 markets. 2. Jackson National Life Insurance Company provides carefully tailored retirement products aimed at the 78 million ‘baby boomers’ in the United States, drawing on 50 years of accumulated experience. The US ‘baby boomer’ generation is the wealthiest demographic group in the global economy. Over the next 20 years they will be retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day, creating significant demand for retirement services. 3. Prudential UK delivers value for the Group through a relentless focus on the life and pensions needs of the age cohorts where wealth is most heavily concentrated. The UK has an ageing population and a ‘savings gap’, that is unsustainable
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