An International Groundswell Of Activity

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Eishaug and colleagues (2013) comment, “An international groundswell of activity is seeking to identify and reduce the use of health care services that provide little or no benefit – whether through overuse or misuse.” They go on to suggest, “The challenge facing payers and health care service providers such as physicians and hospitals is to develop and implement strategies to reduce the use of services that are identified in these lists, many of which are discretionary, if not potentially harmful.” The good news is we have found much waste. This of course is the easier piece of the puzzle. As with most change initiatives, actually driving down this chronically stubborn 30% of the health care pie is proving far more challenging. In…show more content…
While it is not surprising that clinicians and health care delivery organizations would focus on diagnostic tests and procedures in an effort to remove inefficiencies and waste, such lists are myopic in not considering protecting the time of the most valuable asset – their people and the inherent opportunity costs. This paper spotlights the most precious of capital – human capital. Waste and Other Dysfunctional Aspects of the Health Care Business Meeting The modern business meeting comes in many shapes and sizes. There is the large quarterly information transmission meeting, where staff cram into the organization’s largest room to watch executives display Power Point slides. There is the regularly scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly staff meeting. There are individual project planning meetings which are often weekly and interdepartmental and discuss the state of a particular project. While there are various types and permutations of the business meeting, all meetings aim to transfer information, discuss/make decisions and/or resolve issues. The history of the business meeting is a murky one. Whether this is due to a lack of interest or lack of documentation, the origins of the modern business meeting have a dearth of information surrounding it. It is safe to say for the majority of time, the business meeting involved people gathering in a room, often around a rectangular table, with notes in front of them. Input “business meeting” in a search engine
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