An International Marketing Report for Original Source

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International Marketing

An International Marketing Report for Original Source

Contents page List of Tables | | Abbreviations | | Executive Summary | | 1.1 Introduction | | 2.1 Internationalisation | | 3.1 Foreign Market Segmentation and Targeting | | 4.1 Environmental Analysis | | 5.1 International Marketing Objectives | | 6.1 Foreign Market Entry Strategy | | 7.1 Product/Service Mix Preparation | | 8.1 ConclusionReferences | | AppendicesAppendix A: Why choose Eastern AustraliaAppendix B: Population Structure of Australia 1989 and 2009Appendix C: Percentage Profits within the UK Personal Healthcare MarketAppendix D: Brand Attitudes Towards Original SourceAppendix E: Existing Original
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Original Source (2008) see showering and bathing, as “not being a routine” and employees must always “use senses to discover intense experiences using natural ingredients.” Also they avoid being, “wasteful and never tire in looking for new products, ingredients and packaging.”
The objectives of this report are to determine whether international expansion into a foreign market is viable for Original Source and to establish if so, which country would be the primary target of expansion to create a strong international position. Additionally this will include an analysis of the firm’s internal and external environment and the existing foreign market. Consequently marketing decisions can be made, resulting in the creation of marketing objectives and a comprehensive foreign market entry strategy.

2.1 Internationalisation
Becoming an International company is an expensive exercise in terms of money, management time and commitment. Doole and Lowe (2001) suggest that, “international marketing is establishing manufacturing facilities overseas.” Original Source was created in 1997 and has not yet gone beyond the UK despite being a successful band within the bath and shower product market. It is a desirable brand hence why it was obtained by PZ Cussons 5 years after in was created. The PZ Cussons Group already has distribution networks and manufacturing facilities in, Asia, Europe, Australasia and Africa. Including facilities in the UK,

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