An International Real Estate Investment Trust Organization

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Rayonier Inc. is an international real estate investment trust organization that is committed to creating value and excellence in their core business of forest resources and real estate. Rayonier Inc. was found in 1926 and began its operations in Washington State and currently their headquarters are located in Jacksonville, Florida. Rayonier Inc. uses its forest resources to sell timber to a variety of markets, including pulp, paper, building products and energy products in the U.S and New Zealand. Rayonier Inc. is environmentally certified under the Sustainable Forestry initiative program in their U.S forestry and wood obtaining practices. Furthermore, Rayonier’s real estate business is to develop strategies on how to transition their…show more content…
This is very important information because it gives the investor an idea to what is going on in the business. It is the auditors responsibly to ensure that all the information that is provided in the 8k and 10k is accurate so that the investors would not base their decisions on false facts. Using the Pareto Law, audits are usually performed on the most important accounts found on the income statements and balance sheet. The auditor’s main priority is to make sure that all the data that is found on the financial statements have not been over or under stated for the benefit of the company. In many cases, investors have been lead to believe that a company is doing well by either overstating the assets or understating their debt. As a result, this will lead to investor to have losses instead of gains. 1. In order to be able to emit an unqualified opinion in an audit, one should take the financial statements into account. Let’s first take a look at Rayonier income statements for the past three years. In referencing the income statement an auditor can conclude that one of the most important accounts on the income statement is the sales account. In looking at the sales account of Rayonier Inc. we can see
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