An International Real Estate Investment Trust Organization

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Rayonier Inc. is an international real estate investment trust organization that is committed to creating value and excellence in their core business of forest resources and real estate. Rayonier Inc. was found in 1926 and began its operations in Washington State and currently their headquarters are located in Jacksonville, Florida. Rayonier Inc. uses its forest resources to sell timber to a variety of markets, including pulp, paper, building products and energy products in the U.S and New Zealand. Rayonier Inc. is environmentally certified under the Sustainable Forestry initiative program in their U.S forestry and wood obtaining practices. Furthermore, Rayonier’s real estate business is to develop strategies on how to transition their timberland for higher and better uses. Rayonier’s focus is on both rural and conservation of the lands that they sell either in commercial or residential development. Taking into consideration these facts about this company, it is very likely that an investor would take interest in investing in this company. However, it is not recommended that an investor makes their decision to invest in a company solely on what they do. It is in the investor’s best interest to look for additional information provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Securities and Exchange Commission provides the investor and the general public with the company’s financial statements and risk assessments, as well as any opinions released by the auditors. The…

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