An International Student From An Asian Country Essay

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To begin with, I am an international student from an Asian country. As a result, English is a second language for me. When I was in my native country, I didn’t do very well English, but after coming to U.S and attending Eng 121 class, I became better at speaking, thinking and writing in English fluently. Obviously the first reason is that my professor is a very good and taught me with a patience and in a good manner. Initially , when I came to my first class and I got first assignment for the Eng 121 class, I was very nervous because it was very hard for me. I didn’t know how to write 3 pages essays, journals. But then , I decided that I would work hard and pass with good grades. Even though I tried hard, I didn’t do very well on the first essay and I got only 68 marks. I looked at my professor’s notes and it said that my biggest problem was run-on sentences and sentence structure. I looked at few examples from my essay and realized that it was true. I had some very long sentences, that looked very confusing and messy. My professor suggested that I needed to work more and get tutoring help. They would teach me about sentence structure and grammer. I decided to try tutoring and since then, I am improving. This was very helpful. They would point out my mistakes, explain why I didn’t do well, show me my problems, and I learned a lot from that. We did some exercises; they would show me some run-on sentences and ask me to improve them. I would suggest changes and try to improve
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