An Internship At The Army Corps Of Engineers

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As a student looking for an internship, I received an amazing opportunity to be a Pathways Intern for The Army Corps of Engineers. My position is an Administrative Assistant in the Construction Branch. My office location is over in Davenport and our office is called the Central Area Office. I have been under the pathways program since December 2016 and since then I have learned so much from my job and my co-workers. It has been a place that I enjoy working for and would like to become a permanent employee in the future. It is my goal to be able to fill in a permanent position in the future. Working for the Construction Branch was very intimidating because of the lack of knowledge I had involving construction or the army. Throughout my…show more content…
After everything is inputted correctly in CEFMS for the trip, I request the travel order and email my supervisor to let him know that the travel order is ready for him to certify and approve. By certifying the travel order my supervisor is confirming the funds to pay for it. My supervisor will then approve it and send it out to a company called Millington. Millington oversees everything to do with travel. We must have them approve any travel order for the traveler to be refunded for the trip. After the trip is completed it is the duty of the traveler to give me receipts. Depending on the trip and how far, receipts could include hotel, plane tickets, parking fees, etc. After the receipts are in my possession, I will start to make a travel voucher. The traveler voucher is a breakdown of the trip and what was spent on each day. I will use information from the receipts I received to fill in the daily cost of hotel charges and the daily taxes. After filling in the required information for the travel voucher, I will combine the travel order, traveler voucher, and receipts into one file in Adobe and send it via email to the traveler for them to verify and sign electronically. The traveler will then email the signed version back to me and I will send it to my supervisor for their signature and once again will be sent to Millington for them to review. Another important part of my job is to review payrolls. These payrolls come from the employees of the companies
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