An Internship Is The Most Valuable Experience From Outside Of Campus

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An internship is the most valuable experience from outside of campus to have before graduation. Regardless of any internship, it provides and add values to the education to students. It facilitates wonderful experience that links between theorems and field practice. While it is true that sales happens between customer and seller by providing either product or service, however, going door-to-door without them knowing who are you, why are you here and what do you want surpasses my understanding of doing sales. Nevertheless, by using the eight steps of selling, one can utilized them fully to have an enjoyable summer. Which are approach, set up, define the need, filling in the need, closing, cementing and pre-approach.
Approaching means move towards someone and speak to them for the first time for a request or other purposes. It is the first step in relation to them trusting you without any concerns about their safely might be in danger. Approaching someone is a crucial moment when you introduce yourself, telling them why you are here and expressing your interest in helping them on their daily life by making things convenient. At the very beginning of the internship, I have difficulty in approaching folks. Even thou, I have the theorem and skills nailed down, however, I lack the confidence in facing random strangers. My confidence level affected my way of effective communication towards them. My guess was without the guts to say out your purpose to them, they would have a

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