An Internship It Is The Start Of My Career

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When I think of an internship it is more than just a requirement to graduate, it is the start of my career. That is why when CONMED reached out to me, I saw it as more than an internship but as an opportunity to make a name for myself. CONMED is a global medical technology company that specializes in the development and sale of surgical and patient monitoring products and services that allow our physician customers to deliver high quality care and as a result, enhanced clinical outcomes for their patients. The position I was offered is in the Human Resources department, which involves working closely with secured data. At first, I thought “what does this have to do with what I want to be in the future.”Then I realized that an internship whether it is exactly the job I want or not it is always an opportunity to enhance my skills. I am open to almost anything, so although I would like to be an FBI Agent, experiencing other professions in my field may change my mind. So that I am sure about what I want to do for the rest of my life, I think internships are important to do. In chapter one of Criminal Justice Internships: Theory Into Practice, in the very first paragraph it explains the benefits of interning, which are important because those benefits will help me along the way. Although, I am aware of my great work ethic and positive attitude, the idea of stepping into a new environment frightened me. It was like jumping with excitement and wanting to vomit from nervousness at
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