An Internship With The United States Navy As A Civil Servant

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In high school, I was selected to participate in an internship with the United States Navy as a civil servant. I was placed into a rotational position, so that I could learn and understand multiple aspect of the civilian life instead of choosing one path and sticking to it. I worked in the contracts department, on a source selection, with the Budget Financial Manager, on the education team, and as part of the demilitarization team for a squadron. During my time there, the organization created the Pathways Program that involved writing an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Each intern was required to create an IDP. This document was not intended to be a performance evaluation tool, but it is used to track short-term and long-term goals as well as improve job performance. However, I believe it can be used as a performance evaluation tool and in my case, it was.
The Pathways Program was a way for the supervisors and upper level management to keep track of the interns, what they were doing, and their future career goals. It was established as a way to provide direct feedback between the intern, the employer, and whoever the intern chose as their mentor. It is a partnership agreement between these three parties as is used as a way to each person accountable for a part of the success of the intern. The key components of an IDP are the employee profile, career goals, development objectives, training and development opportunities, and signatures. The signatures are their…

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