An Internship With The United States Navy As A Civil Servant

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In high school, I was selected to participate in an internship with the United States Navy as a civil servant. I was placed into a rotational position, so that I could learn and understand multiple aspect of the civilian life instead of choosing one path and sticking to it. I worked in the contracts department, on a source selection, with the Budget Financial Manager, on the education team, and as part of the demilitarization team for a squadron. During my time there, the organization created the Pathways Program that involved writing an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Each intern was required to create an IDP. This document was not intended to be a performance evaluation tool, but it is used to track short-term and long-term goals as…show more content…
It says that the intern, the employee, and the supervisor will hold eachother accountable for the success or failure based on the intern 's career goals. The IDP helps the organization establish what training it needs to provide for its employees, aligns the employees goals with the goals, mission and values of the organization, and provides an administrative mechanism for identifying and tracking development needs. It also helps the organization establish the weaknesses of their employees. This relates to the administrative mechanism because if the employee weaknesses are identified, the organization can create development programs to offset those weaknesses. There are five steps in the IDP process that are intended to make it a useful and living document, living means that it can be changed at any time. The first step is the preparation step. In this step the employee and supervisor prepare independently for the meeting. In the second step, the employee and supervisor come together to discuss strengths, areas for improvement, interests, goals and organizational requirements. The third step is used to complete the IDP with the supervisor and the fourth is the implementation of the plan. Training and development are completed or worked on in this step. Lastly, the supervisor evaluates the usefulness of the training and development experiences. One of the key features of this program is prior preparation and continuous feedback. Before the intern can
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