An Interpretation of "Last Words to Miriam - D. H. Lawrance"

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‘Last Words to Miriam' – An Interpretation Submitted By: Jeet Kumar Gupta 2001115 D. H. Lawrence's Son's and Lover's is a study of human relationships. Gertrude Morel, because of her turbulent and odd relationship with her husband, ends up developing deep emotional relations with her two eldest sons'. The second eldest in particular, Paul, is the receiver of most of this deep emotion. Because of these feelings and the deeper-than-usual emotional bond between the two, Paul has difficulty being comfortable in his own relationships. Paul's relationship with Miriam is plagued by his mother's disapproval, jealousy, and Miriam's own spirituality. Paul's relationship with Miriam is one where the love is not allowed to flourish. Although…show more content…
Even her spirit will guide him if he allows it to but he decides to break away from her. He knows he must separate himself from her to become a man of his own instinct and will. Lawrence realizes all this in the end and is accusing his mother for making him the man he has become and for all the pain, suffering and agony he has caused to Miriam. He is unable to cause any torture to his mother because of all the love he has for her. His hands will not allow him to hurt his mother even if he wanted to. Another interpretation to these lines could be from the time when his mother is ill from a tumor. Lawrence strokes her hair but there is no response from her. You are shapely, you are adorned But opaque and null in the flesh; Who, had I but pierced with the thorned Full anguish, perhaps had been cast In a lovely illumined mesh Lawrence is physically attracted to his mother. He says that even though she is beautiful and attractive, still her body is opaque, he can't see through her body to find the fullness of his being. Illumination here refers to the enlightenment of the soul. Even though there is a way to attain enlightenment through her, but the way to realization goes through her body. Like a painted window; the best Fire passed through your flesh, Undrossed it, and left it blest In clean new awareness. But now Who shall take you afresh? Fire is the symbol of passion and knowledge. Fire is a

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