An Intersectional Approach: The Analyses of Davis and Hua Essay examples

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The theory of intersectionality is one put forth by the feminist theorist known as Kimberlé Crenshaw. Crenshaw developed this theory as a critique to what she called a single-axis framework. A single-axis framework is one that considers an issue, be it feminist or otherwise, as a product of a single aspect. To be clearer, and to provide an example, a single-axis framework would consider the experiences of a woman of colour as either those experienced by an individual of colour, or those experienced by a woman. Crenshaw introduced the concept of intersectionality to explain that some experiences are unique to those who fall under a combination of these categories. In her article, “Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex”,…show more content…
Within her paper, Davis showcases that through a more thorough understanding of the creation of the black rapist figure, it can be seen how easily connected several other aspects of the truth of sexual assault may be reached. Davis begins her article with how rape laws within the United States were created, and who they were originally meant to benefit. She explains that when rape laws were first being created, they were not at all meant to protect women, but rather, they were made to protect the reputation of upper class men. She writes, “in the United States and other capitalist countries, rape laws as a rule were framed originally for the protection of men of the upper classes...” (Davis 50). This particular framework resulted in a mindset wherein all other individuals who did not fall under this particular category were more likely to be accused of and punished for the crime of rape. As Davis reports, although upper class white males were not exempt from accusation and punishment, “remarkably few white men have been prosecuted,” and rather, “the rape charge has been indiscriminately aimed at Black men...” (Davis 50). By setting up her analysis in this way, Davis is making it clear very early in her paper that the creation of the “black male as rapist myth” came about from an intersection of politics and racism, rather than just one or the other. Furthermore, Davis explains the crime of

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