An Intervention Plan Based On Howard 's Functional Behavior Assessment

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Behavior is communication and for young children behavior is used to have their needs met. Howard is a sixth grader that has been referred to the office six times in four month by his first-year teacher Ms. Anderson. Based on Ms. Anderson’s observations Howard exhibits specific weakness in mathematics resulting in incomplete in-class work and homework assignments, and avoidance behaviors when asked to work at the whiteboard. Howard’s outbursts according to Educator Richard Lavoie M.A., M.E. students would rather be bad than dumb. Creating an intervention plan will accurately document the function, and communication behind his behaviors. Howard displays behaviors that may be misinterpreted as misbehaviors in the classroom at times. The purpose of this to create an intervention plan based on Howard’s Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA).
Culturally Responsive Learning Generating a learning community is a collaborative effort that requires an inclusive background of experts. Together, teachers, parents/guardians, and other professionals can create a comprehensive behavior intervention plan to understand Howard better. Creating culturally responsive learning environments requires a multidisciplinary team to acknowledges negative images and creates positive self-cultural differences. Howard humiliated one of his peers by commenting on the status and type of car their father drives. Socio-Economic Status (SEC) plays a role in Culture and its impact on teaching and learning is…
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