An Interview About Special Education

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A second grade English Language Arts and Reading educator in the Seminole Independent School District was asked to partake in an interview about the disproportionality of African Americans students in special education programs. In the interest of confidentiality, the interviewee’s name will not be disclosed throughout this paper. To discuss questions surrounding the aforementioned topic, it was important to gather the educator’s experiences about special education programs in general. In her third year of teaching she taught in a self-contained classroom, where students had severe and profound disabilities. She quoted seven years of teaching experience, where she have taught general education co-teach classes and one inclusive class. She…show more content…
To ensure this aim is reached, she thinks schools should have measures in place to assist students who earnestly need special education services. Contradictory to this practice nonetheless, she affirms there is a problem of disproportionality for African American learners being referred for special education placement. In addition, she substantiates the reason for this investigation. Specifically concerning the African-American community, she hypothesized that the biggest contributing factors to this issue stemmed from a broken federal and educational system still exhibiting aspects of discrimination and cultural biases. She further explains that some strong influences that may lead educators to refer African-American students for special education are cultural differences, insufficient professional development, and poor general instruction. The partaker was asked to consider some challenges when addressing the disproportionality of African Americans students in special education programs. She insinuated that the ideas teachers have concerning their students’ abilities, talents, or disadvantages may have been linked to what they formulated in their minds about a child’s cultural background and associations. Having cultural differences cloud the reality of a child’s potential is unfortunate because there should not be generalizations or models for normalcy when diversity is rampant. Schools should be aware of
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