An Interview Via Email With An Adult Program Programmer

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The intent of this paper is to provide the details of an interview via email with an adult program programmer. The person selected was Ms. Desiree W. Dixon. Ms. Dixon duty position and the title are Subject Matter Expert, Contractor with the Army Lifelong Learning Center, U.S. Army Combined Arms Center (CAC), Army Training Support Center (ATSC), Fort Eustis, VA. The author came to know Ms. Dixon as the result of the author’s exposure to a Blackboard (Bb) online workshop that she programmed. The reason for the author’s participation in the online workshop was that Bb was undergoing a test period at the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA) during Class #66. During this test period, the professors assigned to the…show more content…
The following question (Q) and answers (A) represent the exchange between the author and Ms. Dixon.
Q and A portion
The first two questions provide Ms. Dixon background information as a programmer.
1. What is your social, educational, and work experience
I have a BA in English from Hampton University and an MEd from Old Dominion University. I have been working in education for over a decade, both in and out of the classroom, in the K12-Higher Ed, Military, and Private Sectors. My training background has granted opportunities for me to develop and implement various curriculum models, analyzing programs and projects for growth as well as an isolating weakness to find optimal remedies.
2. How did you become involved in program planning?
This route was not direct. Through classroom teaching, I moved toward a lead teacher position and then a division position, which required implementation of a government-funded grant program. The analysis and development came easy enough, but the budgetary requirements and adherence to grant policies posed a bit of a learning curve, initially.
3. What is your "philosophy" of program planning, if any?
Iron sharpens iron. It is important to know the human resource assets available to the program or project manager and capitalize on that expertise. Everyone is an SME on something. It is important to identify the expertise of the individuals on the team. Because there is so much that goes into planning and execution, the best team
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