An Interview With A Mechanical Engineer

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When college students enter a career field, we encounter many problems and concerns, such as rules, traditions, and the writing involve. By doing the Discipline Investigation Assignment, it helps me to explore my future career field and get advice on how to do well in the industry. Also, this assignment is a great way to find out the struggles and problems as we encounter a new profession. The discourse community I have chosen is Mechanical Engineering. I am very passionate in doing machine work and repairing mechanisms, also I like math, physics, and sciences, therefore I want to be am Mechanical Engineer. In order to know what I need to be prepared and what are the daily work that I could be doing as a Mechanical Engineer, I conduct an…show more content…
First of all, Mr. King got his first job as an auto shop repairer when he was a junior, this job was a part-time job. He had learned many skills from this first job, he mentions that the first job was important and unforgettable because it built a path of his career. However, he found some difficulties of this job, such as the communication was a big issue because when students enter to workforce, the way that people communicate is different than the way that students learn in colleges. Just right after graduate, some students might have hard time to find a professional position as an engineer. During the interview, this engineer suggests that from the different perspectives, the students should get employed first, then, think about their career. In “Your First Job Doesn’t (Really) Matter,” Jodi Glickman, a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, describes the pre-job training and knowledge that people learn should not be all for their professional learning. Indeed, she says what she did do is “learn a whole lot about myself, about relating to others, about adjusting expectations and managing difficult workplace environments” (Glickman). Same as what Glickman describes, Mr. King did not suggest that student should immediately get into their professional working when they get their first job or do not be too concerned about whether their first job is related to their major. For them, the most
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