An Interview With A Nice Librarian Woman

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I did an interview with a nice librarian woman to gathering information about my literacy night event. It was on 2-19-2016, in the public liabrary.I learned a lot of things from this interview. We discussed the components of a perfect literacy night which are: books, storytelling, and activities to engage both parents and chilled together. She suggested from her experience that if you want to have a good literacy night it should be fun, so it doesn 't feel like school but still educational. She said it would be very good to have some components to give to the students to take home to share language and literacy together at home. We discussed also the kinds of activity that we should include. She gave us many examples of activities such as: sing song together, games with physical interacting, and reading competitions. For the best day and time to do it, I asked her what is the best day, and how long should it be? She said the length depends on the ages that you try to incorporate. So, the older age is different than the younger, and she suggested no more than 2 hours. Regarding the best day, she said it depends on where you at (location dependent). Some schools have a special day for event like that. For example, Friday or Wednesday night would be good day.
Additionally, we talked about business partners and non-profitable institutions that may assist me in my literacy night. She suggested contacting public libraries as they can help in providing books. Also, she said you…
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