An Interview With A Public School Setting

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Working in a public school setting provides a rich profusion of opportunities to interact with both children and adults claiming a multitude of different cultural and ethnic identities. As diverse populations continue to grow in the U.S., it becomes increasingly necessary for professionals and service workers of all types to acquire cultural competency. Although Suh (2004) identifies multiple variations of the exact definition, and the term as a whole contains many different components, its meaning and adherence have an undeniably universal effect and leads to harmonious and synergistic relationships between people of all cultural backgrounds. In an interview with John (named has been changed for confidentiality) on June 3, 2016, the elementary school principle describes his experience working in a culturally diverse profession, with people of different ethnic, cultural, and religious identities.
When asked about his initial reasons for entering into a highly diverse occupation, and what some of his early experiences were like, John (personal communication, June 3, 2016) explained that he didn’t always know that public education was his path. He made it all the way to Freshman orientation at Cornerstone University where he had applied for no other reason than he was graduating high school and he figured he should go to college. He received a flier in the mail, and he responded with an application; a few weeks later he was accepted. As the pressure increased to choose a…
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