An Interview With National State Television And Radio Company

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Last year, in an interview with National State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK) journalist Vladimir Solovyov, Vladimir Putin said “Crimea has always been and remains Russian, as well as Ukrainian, Crimean-Tatar, Greek (after all, there are Greeks living there) and German - and it will be home to all of those peoples. As for state affiliation, the people living in Crimea made their choice; it should be treated with respect, and Russia cannot do otherwise.” Since 2014, Russia and Ukraine have battled over the territory of Crimea, an area in eastern Ukraine stocked with large amounts of gas and oil. Despite Crimea being in Ukrainian territory, Russia has invaded the region and claimed it as their own. Although, this conflict in Crimea may be rather new, Ukraine and Russia share a deep and complex history. In order to study the crisis occurring in Crimea, it is important to look at not only the problem at hand but also the history, motives, perspectives, and solutions. Furthermore, the issue cannot be put into context without information on international relations as a whole, background information about each country, and the role of NATO.
To begin we must look at the topic of international relations. What is international relations? Multiple theories have developed around this topic, but a general statement mentions it as the study of conflict and cooperation by international two actors. This concept further explains how two international organizations or two countries
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