An Interview With Neal Lehew

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During an interview with Neal Lehew, my grandpa, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the reactions and responses to the questions that I asked. Neal was born in 1937 in Horton, KS; the same town that he has resided in his entire life. Growing up, farming has been a way of life for him; sometimes taking precedence over attending school in a one room schoolhouse. Despite being forced to farm when he was young, it became his lifelong passion. In 1955, Neal graduated from high school and joined the National Guard for nine years in order to continue farming at his home. He explained to me that during this time period, if a person did not join the National Guard or get married, they were to be drafted. While in the Guards, he attended Highland Community College, where he graduated with a business degree. In 1964, my grandpa and grandma, Joan, got married. They have happily been married for almost fifty-two years; as he says that that is the best decision that he has ever made in his entire life. Two short years later, Joan gave birth to my dad, Tim. One additional year later, my aunt Dawn was born. In 1999, Neal began driving the bus for the local school and continued to do this for sixteen years. My grandpa also has a deep appreciation and respect for his family, which began when he was young. Thanksgiving and Christmas were highly valued in his family and he has made it a point to carry the same tradition on to his children and grandchildren. At holidays, the family always ate…

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