An Interview With The Banking System Essay

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After speaking to several of my former colleague at Chase, they mentioned The Banking System have made changes and is taking the necessary steps to improve their appearance. Many have moved to others Banks due to the stress. Michael Bane (2016, September 28), said he left and went to another bank due to the sales pressure and the constant reminder that he was under performing. In an interview with Britt, L (2016, September 28), J.P. Morgan Chase focus is now on customer service and numbers. My experience as a former Chase employees, the numbers increased every year. As part of the sales requirements, we were expected to get two accounts from every customer that walked in the door. As Branch Manager I had to review all new account and at times had to advise the Banker against the bank policy. An interview with my sister, Leblanc, A., (2016, October 1) she said the bank have strict internal guidelines and there is a zero fraud tolerance policy for not following compliance. These are all examples of Bank branch restrictions, no one is certain what goes in back offices.
Audit History in Banking
Auditors play an important role in the banking industry, they should help promote confidence and independence in the financial industry. The auditors work for and act as a go between the shareholders and the corporation. The auditors responsibilities is to make sure the company is in compliance, to detect fraud and report illegal acts. The recent financial crisis revealed many weakness
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