An Interview With The Baptist Faith

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An Interview with the Baptist Faith My entire worship experience has been based off trying to understand more about the Baptist religion and what its purpose is in Christianity. The Baptist religion has always intrigued me as my uncle is a Baptist pastor; I’ve always wondered why he chose this religion. During family reunions, we would have my uncle lead prayer and I would question why his prayer was different to way I pray as a Catholic. My hope with the answers that I got from my interviews, is that I will be able to compare and contrast between the Catholic and Baptist religion. As I stated before, I’ve always wonder why my uncle joined the religion and decided to become a pastor. The simple answer that my uncle, the pastor had, was that he didn’t choose this path, but it was where his heart led him to the Baptist faith. He felt that this religion called him to join, leading him to become a member of a Baptist church. What also caught his intentions was their teachings and the kind of message they wanted to spread about God. The faith and the Bible spoke to him and implemented a spiritual life in his heart. We know that Christianity has many branches that expand with different beliefs. My uncle could have chosen another branch of Christianity, but this faith met his calling in life. Even in the Baptist religion, there are different forms of it. In the interview, my uncle stated that there are about fifty-five different Baptist churches which caught me by surprise.

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