An Interview with F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F Scott Fitzgerald has been one of the most recognizable authors out there today. Many people admire his work, but he’s hard to catch and follow due to his busy schedule and personal lifestyle being an alcoholic. On the 19th of November 1925 I was given a chance to meet up with F. Scott Fitzgerald, to discuss about the eminent novel written by him “The Great Gatsby” at his house in Los Angeles. The books about a poor turned wealthy man, Gatsby and his attempt on getting his past lover back. What you’re about to read is one of the first few interviews ever with Mr. Fitzgerald in person. Below is the transcript of that interview.
Andy Swenson: Good evening Mr. Fitzgerald thank you for letting me in, how are you doing?
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I position the characters in the novel to represent these socials trends. Meyer Wolfshiem and Gatsby’s fortune also symbolizes the ascension of organized crime and bootlegging.
Andy Swenson: What are some other key themes found in the novel?
F Scott Fitzgerald: It depends on the readers interpretation but for me personally its Love and Class, both of theses played a huge role in the book. I view love as a foolish thing and I showed this in the novel by the use of the main character “Jay Gatsby”. He fell in love with Daisy which made him look like a fool because Daisy is already with Tom. Class brings me back to the American Dream, which does not exist since we’re all who we are when we’re born. Changing class can lead to tragedy which could be pretty grim for people in World War 1.
Andy Swenson: Thank you very much Mr. Fitzgerald it’s an honor to finally meet you, have a great day
F Scott Fitzgerald: No problem, thank you for the interview and have a great day too

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For this unit, I’ve decided to do an interview transcript of an interview with F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the novel “The Great Gatsby”. For my task, there’s 9 questions in total, the question varies from themes to setting and even his very own personal life. The interview transcript is based around the novel “The Great Gatsby”. “The Great Gatsby” is considered to be the supreme American novel which explores many different
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